Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does your website work?
    Though there are many pages on our website, it is the blog page/link that really is the “heart” of this website and it is here where you can access all of the main information that this site has to offer. Though this website is still fairly new, we are still trying to add lots of information (time permitting) so that all of the foreign expats who live here will be able to access information at the tip of their fingertips. Eventually, this website will work in conjunction with WeChat and our WeChat group since WeChat is the No.1 app used in China. Please be a little patient with us as we begin the mammoth task of updating this website daily as often as we can. Bear in mind that this website is only run and managed by one person. In the blog section of the website (on the right hand side), we have added a User Guide/Online Manual to show how to navigate the site and access information which is fairly easy once we start adding more info. Again, please be patient.

This page is still under construction. Kindly check back later.