Our Services

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  • Tours of Shenyang.
  • Products.
  • Recruitment of Teachers.
  • Social networking events like/such as walks and cycling together.
  • Advertisements.
  • FREE General Information that might interest foreign nationals who reside, and work or study in Shenyang.
  • Private tutoring online.
  • Access to English Language Learning Resources (Subscription Based).
  • Shenyang Business & Network Directory (for foreign expats).
  • Blacklist/Watch Dog of bogus/fake businesses, individuals and/or institutions in Shenyang. (To warn foreign expats who reside, work and study in Shenyang).
  • Promoting the city of Shenyang.
  • Convert your images into comic or paint like images using our powerful software.
  • Selling English educational resources such as flashcards.