Kindergarten Homeroom Teachers Wanted in Beijing Now!

Various kindergarten campuses in Beijing, China are looking for kindergarten homeroom teachers.
Basic Information:

⚫ Start date: March, 2021
⚫ Learners age: 2 years old -6 years old
⚫ Class Size: ≤20
⚫ Teaching hours: FTE (0800 – 1700 Mon – Fri)


  1. Monthly salary (Before China income tax):

a. Licensed Teacher – Based on the qualification, degree and experience, candidate’s Gross monthly salary is from 22,575-40,180RMB. (The average annual net salary is from 245,640-408,432RMB)
b. TESOL/TEFL/ CELTA /or other only Teacher–Based on the qualification, degree and experience, candidate’s Gross monthly salary is from 16,011- 23,921RMB. (The average annual net salary is from 190,512- 258,564RMB)
(Note: Licensed Teacher is teacher with a teaching license registered by local government.)

  1. Accommodation allowance
  2. Inbound & Outbound Flight (overseas recruitment)
  3. Settling allowance(overseas recruitment)
  4. Home leave allowance
  5. International Insurance
  6. Tuition fee free for up to 2 kids
  7. Excellent opportunities for Professional Development
  8. Promotion Opportunities
  9. Paid Holidays & Paid Leaves


• Native English speakers
• Bachelor Degree; Education and ECE(Early Childhood Education) is
• Professional teaching qualification for work visa
• At least 2 years teaching experience
• Must be willing to commit to a 2-year contract

Please note: Preference is being given to teachers who are already in China. This is due to the fact that the Covid19 pandemic is still being fought on the mainland and the borders of China are still closed to foreigners. Foreigners who are still in China and meet the requirements will be given first option for consideration as it will be easier to hire.

Do contact us if you are interested in this position.