Visit to the KangXi Hot Spring Resort on October 4th, 2023.

Today I visited the above mentioned establishment with my wife and son since it is still holidays here in China. I can tell you that this vacation is a very much needed vacation given the hours I do work when it isn’t vacation time. This is because I work very long hours both before and after my official working hours. Being an educator in China is no easy task (if one is really serious and responsible about their career and their students) as it takes a LOT, LOT and a LOT of patience, understanding and perseverance. It is not like a normal 9-5 job that most people have wherever they are in the world.

With that being said, I have taken a lot of photos and videos of the place and will do a write up of it (as I will also do for other tourist attractions in this city as and when time permits) as soon as I possibly can whilst the memory, sights and sounds of it is still fresh.

Till later friends,

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The article for this hot spring can be found by clicking on this link here.

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