Mikey’s Diner / 麦奇餐厅

Name of Restaurant: Mikey’s Diner

Type of Restaurant: American

Hours of Operation: 

11h00 – 24h00

Address / 地址:
No. 111 ShiYiWei Road, Shenhe District (Intersection of Huiwu Street).
Shěnhé qū shíyī wěi lù 111 hào (huì wǔ jiē lùkǒu)

WeChat Location:
Contact them and they can send it to you.

Baidu Maps Location (below): (Link opens in a new tab)


Contact Particulars:
Contact Person: 
Mike: 15040018889.
Rocky: 18624038488
Telephone Number: See above.
WeChat: gaojian1016 / shoujilifei1771 (Add both as the restaurant is co-owned)
WeChat Group for Restaurant: The restaurant does not have a group yet.
Website: None
Email: None

How To Get There:

Line 1: NanShiChang; QingNianDaJie
(Suggested station is: Line 1: QingNianDaJie; Exit/Entrance: C (See image below).

Images: (Click on each image to enlarge, enlarged image will open in a new tab.)


View from the entrance/door


Some of their dishes:

Fish & Chips: RMB/Y: 58

Their Business Card:

Subway entrance(s):

Their FULL menu graciously provided by them (below): (When clicked on, images will enlarge and will open in a new tab.)

Download your free copy, (download opens in a new tab) or download individual images, page by page, courtesy of Mikey’s Diner and 5ishenyang.com and…. you are welcome.

**Update on: October 22nd, 2023:**

Chicken Fingers: RMB/Yuan: 28
Cheese Sticks: RMB/Yuan: 38
Pizza Pepperoni (Large): RMB/Yuan: 148

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