Steamed Stuffed Bun / 包子 / bāo zi

Name of dish:

(Chinese): 包子
(PinYin): bāo zi
(English): Steamed Stuffed Bun

Image(s) of Dish:

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Description of Dish:

As the name suggests, these are stuffed steamed buns (but not buns as the western english speaking world knows them). The Chinese are renown for making all kinds of flour and dough based foods that are unique to China and it is not made anywhere else in the world except where there is a large presence of Chinese/Asians such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and so on and so forth. The buns are filled with different kinds of mashed/minced meat on its own (as shown in the images above) or it it is filled with a combination of meat and vegetables or just vegetables on its own. There is also a combination of eggs and vegetables or eggs on it own. There is literally no limit to the kind of fillings there are. Once the fillings are made, these are stuffed and steamed either in steaming ovens or in bamboo trays. They are usually served hot and eaten on their own. On average, usually three is enough for one person.

Date of Publication of article: December 7th, 2023

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