Hot Pot / 火锅 / huǒ guō

(Chinese): 火锅
(PinYin): huǒ guō
(English): Hot Pot

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Description of Dish:

Sometimes one can order this dish along with other dishes in restaurants. Other times there are whole restaurants just dedicated to this kind of dish meaning that this hot pot dish is all that they can serve you. Basically a menu is brought to you, you fill it in stating what veggies and meat you would like for your hot pot. They will then bring a trolley on which will be all the veggies and meat you stated/ordered in the menu that you wanted. Usually restaurants use gas to heat up your pot (they usually put it on for you and they will also fill your ‘pot’ with water). You then put what ever you want in your pot and let it boil and then help yourself to what you want to eat by putting the food on little side plates.

The pot can either appear like this as shown in the image above (and in the video below) where it will have a partition inside the pot. This is for those who are with you where half the pot will be spicy with chillies and the other half will be plain and not spicy. At least the guests eating with you can choose whether they want spicy or not. Some restaurants do not offer pots like these (with the partition) and then you can only choose if you want a spicy OR a non-spicy dish. In other parts of Asia like Malaysia and Singapore, they have a variation of the Chinese hot pot but it is called ‘steam boat’ and more shaped like an upside down funnel with a catchment drain around the bottom of their dish.

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Video: Hot Pot

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