Vegetable Lean Meat Congee/蔬菜瘦肉粥/Shūcài shòu ròu zhōu.

(Chinese): 蔬菜瘦肉粥
(PinYin): Shūcài shòu ròu zhōu
(English): Vegetable Lean Meat Congee

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Description of Dish:

This dish is commonly and more simply referred to in English by the Chinese (for those who can communicate in English of course) as just porridge though you can see the proper or real name for the dish above the images. Though there are at least two other dishes also referred to as porridge, this porridge that this article/post is about is probably the most popular. The other two referred to, will be addressed in another two articles later. Links will be posted here to link to the others a bit later on.

It is hard to give a description of this dish other than to say that it has been basically boiled in water and whilst it boiling, a green vegetable or two is also added along with some meat. The meat could really be any meat but it would seem that the most popular is chicken. Anyway, the rice is boiled until it becomes thick and it is eaten like that in a bowl. It is a dish on its own but it is sometimes eaten with other goodies they usually have at breakfast. Initially when it is served, it is very liquid like, like water but when it is left to stand for a while, it becomes thick. If you can access the videos below, you will see what the Writer means. Very tasty.

Date of Publication of article: December 21st, 2023

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Video 1/2: Rice Porridge

Video 2/2: Rice Porridge

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