Wonton / 馄饨 / hún tun

(Chinese): 馄饨
(PinYin): hún tun
(English): Wonton

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Description of Dish:

Another dish that is difficult to describe as it is similar to the way other dishes are made particularly the dumpling dish. Perhaps the most obvious way this dish is made is that it is wrapped in a certain way using a similar type of flour (to dumplings) which is made into dough sheets. The dough ball (for the lack of a better word to describe it) is made with mainly meat and seafood fillings (the Writer stands to be corrected on this), wrapped in its own special way meant for this type of dish and both boiled in water and then served together with the water it was boiled in. It is then eaten together with the broth like liquid. It is very quick to make and healthy. There are whole restaurants dedicated to this kind of dish as it is all they serve. It is eaten with a chilli paste and/or vinegar but that is up to the customer though the vinegar and chilli paste is already on the table. Well…it should be. The average price of this dish is around RMB/Yuan 15 and upwards depending on what dish is ordered.

Date of Publication of article: December 30th, 2023

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Video 1: Wonton

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