Pork Belly Spicy Cabbage Soup a.k.a Kimchi Stegae/Pork & Kimchi Soup / 五花肉辣白菜汤 / Wǔhuāròu là báicài tāng

(Chinese): 五花肉辣白菜汤
(PinYin): Wǔhuāròu là báicài tāng
(English): Pork Belly Spicy Cabbage Soup aka Kimchi Stegae/Pork & Kimchi Cabbage Soup

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Strictly speaking, this dish is not a Chinese dish but it is indeed a Korean dish and a popular one we might add. Though not a Chinese dish, did you know that there are mixed Korean and Chinese people residing in China? Yes, there are people living in China who were either born in South Korea but were raised in China or they were born in China and their ancestors came from South Korea and intermarried with the Chinese. Thus when they came to China, they brought their food, culture, music and lifestyle along as well. They are also able to converse fluently in both Chinese and the Korean language.

Regarding the above dish, it is made with fermented cabbage (which is red in colour), tofu blocks, and sliced pork belly. Water and an assortment of spices are added to the mixture and it is all boiled together and then served hot with a bowl of rice. This is a unique traditional Korean dish and one that no doubt will be on any Korean menu in any Korean restaurant in China.

It is a perfect dish to eat especially on cold winter days because of its spiciness. If you are open to trying other Asian dishes apart from Chinese ones, this dish is a MUST! It is also happens to be one of the Writer’s favourite dishes!

The average price for a bowl of this delicious concoction is around: RMB/Yuan 25.00

Date of Publication of article: January 14th, 2024

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Video: Pork Belly Spicy Cabbage Soup a.k.a Kimchi Stegae/Pork & Kimchi Soup / 五花肉辣白菜汤 / Wǔhuāròu là báicài tāng

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