Veterinary Clinics & Veterinary Hospitals in Shenyang(1)

Name of Clinic/Hospital:
Chong Yisheng Pet Health Animal Hospital (Campbell Branch) / 宠颐生动物医院(康贝儿分院)
(Chǒng yí shēng dòngwù yīyuàn (kāng bèi er fēnyuàn)

Gate 6, No. 35-3, Changbai West Road, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (Jinyue Hotel Vanke City Green Life Square)
辽宁省沈阳市和平区长白西路35-3号6门 (金悦宾馆万科城格林生活 )
Chǒng yí shēng dòngwù yīyuàn (kāng bèi er fēnyuàn) liáoníng shěng shěnyáng shì hépíng qū zhǎngbái xī lù 35-3 hào 6 mén (jīn yuè bīnguǎn wànkē chéng gélín shēnghuó fāng)

Baidu Map Location:

Contact Details/Particulars:
Telephone No: 024-62887678 / 13516033363
WeChat: Kindly refer to their business card below.

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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Sunday: 08h30 – 20h30
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As there are about approximately 30 branches of this Veterinary Clinic/Hospital in Shenyang, there is sure to be one nearest where you reside in Shenyang. The best thing is to get someone who is Chinese who can assist you to do a search within the WeChat platform for this franchise name and the list of all the branches in Shenyang will come up and available for your information. There are just far too many to list all of them here. Hope this helps all of you – Admin

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