Northeast International Hospital (in Shenyang).

Information on their WeChat Platform in both English and Chinese: (Link):
(Unfortunately, tested their Customer Service response via their WeChat details (in English) (on the evening of the 25th Nov 2023 at or about 19h00) shared in the link above and no response was forthcoming from their WeChat QR code AND their WeChat ID). They only responded the next morning at 07h30. When queried via their WeChat platform whether they are open 24 hours, they confirmed that they are. However the timing of their response states otherwise. If they are indeed open 24 hours (as alleged), why take so long to reply? The best would be to rather use their Chinese WeChat ID below and ask a Chinese friend to assist you to make an appointment with them.

Name of the Establishment:
(Chinese):  东北国际医院健康管理中心
(PinYin): Dōngběi guójì yīyuàn jiànkāng guǎnlǐ zhōngxīn
(English):  Northeast International Hospital (Health Management Centre)

Contact Particulars
Address: (Chinese/PinYin/English):

Chinese: 沉阳市浑南区天赐街2号
PinYin: Chényáng shì hún nán qū tiāncì jiē 2 hào
English: No. 2, Tianci Street, Hunnan District, Shenyang City

Telephone No(s)/Mobile Phone(s): 024-82881111

Business Hours of Operation:

24 hours: Everyday of the week.

WeChat ID and/or QR Code:

WeChat ID: gh_d94deb2a52ec

Website Address (if any):

Baidu Map Location:


The International Medical Department is a high-end medical service platform established by NEIH (Northeast International Hospital), which has been providing special medical services for high-end patients both domestically and internationally since its establishment. NEIH is one of the first four designated comprehensive hospitals for foreign medical treatment and designated hospitals for international traveller assistance determined by the Shenyang Municipal Health Commission. Click on this link for further information about the hospital from their WeChat portal. If you are unable too access the link, do let us know via email or WeChat and we can send you the pdf version of same (for free).

Important factors/points to take note of:

Upon successful capturing and registration of your details as a member of the hospital, you will be issued with an orange patient card which basically contains your medical history and record and visits to the hospital. The card is also to be used for when you book to see any particular specialist or doctor using their ATM like machines. Basically anything to do with the hospital is done via this card. See images below:

The orange NEIH Patient Membership Card:

The ATM like card machines (on the ground/1st Floor):

What it looks like on the screen….bilingual Chinese & English too.

Image(s) Inside (the hospital):

Blood Testing: on the ground/1st Floor.


The Northeast International Hospital in Shenyang.

Date of Publication of article: 26 November 2023

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