Ròu jiā mó / 肉夹馍 / Chinese hamburger

Name of dish: (Chinese): 肉夹馍 (PinYin): Ròu jiā mó: (English): Chinese Hamburger

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Description of Dish:

It is basically a piece of oven roasted pita bread that is filled with minced/diced pork (that has been left to marinate in a soya type sauce liquid) along with diced green capsicum (or green pepper). Sometimes it also has sliced boiled egg added.

When ordered, people tell the Seller that they either want it diced together with the fat from the pork or they want it lean, (without the fat). Very delicious and tasty. Without the fat it is sold for 1 or 2 yuan more. Usually sells for about RMB 12 each.

Date of Publication of article: December 3rd, 2023

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