Chinese Beef Clay Pot/Casserole/酱香砂锅煲/Jiàng xiāng shāguō bāo.

(Chinese): 酱香砂锅煲
(PinYin): Jiàng xiāng shāguō bāo
(English): Chinese Beef Clay Pot / Casserole

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Description of Dish:

A paper menu with pictures of an abundance and a variety of vegetables and meat is brought to you as you enter the restaurant and sit down at one of the tables. You can see what the menu looks like in Images 3 and 4 above. The Writer has taken the liberty of taking pictures of their menu on both sides. Yes, you are welcome.

On the menu will be set dishes with one kind of meat for example, one dish will have chicken and another will be beef and so on and so forth. You basically choose (by marking off with a pen) what vegetables you would like to add to your meat dish as well as the size of the dish would like such as small, medium or large. You will also need to check off whether you want the dish to be plain or spicy. They will then collect your order and your dish will be prepared according to what you checked off. Since it is a clay pot or casserole dish, it is heated for about 15 minutes (if the Writer is correct) over an open flame fire (which you do not get to see) and then it is brought to you whilst it is still boiling and a word of warning….do not touch the dish with your bare hands as it is extremely hot. You can then go and help yourself to a bowl of rice which is in a rice cooker somewhere in the restaurant or ask the waiter to bring you a dish. You can then tuck in and eat. A very tasty dish indeed. This particular dish (shown in the images and the video(s) is a beef dish with cabbage, quail eggs, bamboo, to foo (bean curd) and bean sprouts. VERY yummy.

Date of Publication of article: January 5th, 2024

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Video 1/3: Chinese Beef Clay Pot Casserole / 酱香砂锅煲/Jiàng xiāng shāguō bāo

Video 2/3: Chinese Beef Clay Pot Casserole / 酱香砂锅煲/Jiàng xiāng shāguō bāo

Video 3/3: Chinese Beef Clay Pot Casserole / 酱香砂锅煲/Jiàng xiāng shāguō bāo

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